Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) Training Program | May 2024

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) Training Program | May 2024

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Course Information

May 29-31, 2024
2.4 CEU


Ends at 11:59 PM EST 8 business days prior to training start.

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Registration closes 12:00 AM EST 3 business days prior to training start or if course reaches capacity.

Course Description

The Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) Training Program is designed to provide attendees an understanding of industry best practices for measurement and verification to evaluate the performance of efficiency projects. Over three days, our professional instructor will guide you through M&V and identify the principles and practices of greatest relevance and practical value.

Who Should Attend

The program is of greatest value to those undertaking or assessing M&V energy projects. Obtaining AEE’s CMVP® certification provides international credibility among energy management and M&V communities. Attendees of this program have included existing M&V professionals, energy engineers, energy managers, executives, financial executives, manufacturing and facilities managers, and energy consultants.


Daily Breaks Days 1 - 3 : AM Break (15 min) | Lunch Break (1 hr) | PM Break (15 min)

Please see the "My Learning Schedule" tab for schedule information.

*Remote exams are scheduled on an individual basis. See Certification Program tab for additional instructions.


Your workbook will be shipped to the address you provide during registration, and will arrive up to 14 days before the class start date.

To review or update your delivery address before registering, please visit your Profile. (Please note that workbooks cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes.)

If you have already registered for this training and need to update your address, send an email to training@aeecenter.org with your revised address details. 

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to measure, verify and evaluate metrics for prioritizing investment in energy, water and demand management, and renewable energy projects.
  • Learn how to apply the core M&V program concepts and framework to a wide variety of facilities, including existing and new buildings and industrial processes.
  • Work through practical examples to demonstrate the topics and procedures covered
  • Gain access to spreadsheets and tools that are invaluable in the field.
  • Review the various areas of the Body of Knowledge associated with AEE’s Certified Measurement & Verification Professional® (CMVP®) exam.
  • Discuss how to apply what you have learned to your business and applications.

Steve Kromer


Steve Kromer is an energy efficiency consultant, focusing on energy savings verification (Program Evaluation and M&V) and energy efficiency data management systems. Mr. Kromer holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech. He was a senior engineer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (where he is currently a guest researcher) and a director at Enron Energy Services.  Mr. Kromer currently consults internationally on M&V implementation and training.

Mr. Kromer’s focus is on the data, tools and processes to quantify the results of energy efficiency investments. Since the inception of the IPMVP, Mr. Kromer has maintained leadership positions within the IPMVP, EVO and AEE/CMVP committees and boards. He is committed to the vision of a world where the tools, resources and skills to perform M&V are standardized and ubiquitous.

Mr. Kromer seeks to fulfill that vision by remaining up to date on the latest developments in M&V and energy modeling. He teaches courses on M&V at all levels and serves on several current EVO committees and other industry working groups (ASHRAE 14, UMP, ANSI).

Mr. Kromer was on the original consulting team that assisted the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) when the state moved energy efficiency evaluation (EM&V) functions to that agency. He continued to consult to the CPUC as an advisor for almost 10 years. In that time Mr. Kromer originated the Engineering Working Group, the Uncertainty Working Group and the data management team that went on the create the current reporting tools.

Mr. Kromer recently contributed to the Department of Energy’s Open Efficiency Initiative where he focused on identifying and addressing barriers to the adoption of advanced energy modeling and analysis tools.  Mr. Kromer applies his skills with energy modeling and data management to numerous other jobs, including a large new construction project on a California university campus, the development of an ESCO in the Middle East (World Bank).

Chris Balbach


Chris Balbach currently serves as Vice President of Research and Development at Performance Systems Development of NY (PSD), a NY based technology based firm providing software and services to the commercial and residential utility program sector. A registered PE in New York, Chris has over 20 years of experience in energy engineering, with a focus on cost-effective performance verification (M&V) and the use of energy simulation software to make cost-effective energy usage predictions. A passionate advocate of M&V, Chris has taught the CMVP course for several years. Chris is also an active member of ASHRAE, serving as the Vice Chair of TC 4.7 (Energy Calculations), a voting member of SPC 211 (Commercial Energy Audits) and the ASHRAE BEQ (Building Energy Quotient) Methodologies Committee. Chris’ role at PSD involves training, mentoring staff for delivery of professional services, working closely with software development staff to incorporate best-in-class methods and procedures into software tools based on recently published research. 

Certification Program

This training program prepares attendees to take the Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP®) exam. Please review the requirements for certification on the Becoming a CMVP® page. A separate certification and application fee applies.

Registering for the training does NOT register you for the certification exam. To take the exam, you must register for the exam and pay a separate fee. Attendees are encouraged to complete a certification application 4 weeks prior to taking the exam.

After you submit the certification application, you will receive an email confirmation letter from AEE within 4-weeks. Any additional questions about the CMVP exam, certification eligibility, scheduling, or the application process can be directed to our CMVP Certification Director, Michelle Zakin Leclerc, mzakin@aeecenter.org.

 For additional information, visit the links below.


Day 1
05/29/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  540 minutes
05/29/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  540 minutes
Day 2
05/30/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  540 minutes
05/30/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  540 minutes
Day 3
05/31/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  580 minutes
05/31/2024 at 8:00 AM (EDT)  |  580 minutes 8:00 am - 5:00 pm | Training
Course Evaluation (1-min)
Select the "Take Course Evaluation" button to begin.  |  1 minute
Select the "Take Course Evaluation" button to begin.  |  1 minute
Certificate of Completion - Certified Measurement & Verification Professional Training Program
2.4 CEU credits  |  Certificate available
2.4 CEU credits  |  Certificate available Certificate of Completion: Certified Measurement & Verification Professional Training Program

Reference Books 

The following books are suggested reference books and printed copies are available through the AEE Bookstore. AEE members receive an 15% discount on printed books. Reference books are not required and are intended to help prepare for a training course and exam. 

Digital copies of these books are available through the AEE eLibrary, which is a great resource for accessing searchable content as well as highlighting and taking notes. The eLibrary is available to AEE members for the low discounted price of $35 per year. Digital books cannot be printed or accessed during the certification exam.

If you’re an AEE member, add the eLibrary subscription to your membership here.

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The Role of the Measurement and Verification Professional Judgment and Decision-making in the Application of M&V
The Role of the Measurement and Verification Professional Judgment and Decision-making in the Application of M&V
Energy Management Handbook, 9th ed.
Guide to Energy Management, Eighth Edition
Guide to Energy Management, Eighth Edition
Handbook of Energy Audits, Ninth Edition
Handbook of Energy Audits, Ninth Edition

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Transfer Policy

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Cancellation Policy

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