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CEM Premium Training Experience

Attend in-person or join virtually. Held over 5 days, 33 total hours with multiple instructors. Prepare to get certified.


AEE Certification Training Programs

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Learn the Basics of Energy Management On Demand

AEEs latest training program format allows participants to view pre-recorded videos and reference the associated workbooks on demand, based on their schedules and from a convenient location.

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Online CEM Training Program

Join the online program, a highly condensed version of the premium Certified Energy Manager live program.

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Energy Managers

The Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) accreditation is one of the most globally respected in the field of energy management. Since 1985, professionals from over 100 countries have participated in AEE's approved CEM training programs. 

AEE provides various training program experiences to prepare you for the 4-hour CEM exam. Find out if a premium in-person or virtual classroom experience, an online program, or an on-demand program is right for you, and take the first step to join a network of professionals that lead the field.

CEM Training Programs

Energy Auditors

Energy Auditors undertake energy efficiency assessments of commercial and industrial facility’s energy systems. Their audits cover building occupancy, operations, maintenance, and code compliance. An auditor aims to provide their client with detailed survey results, risk mitigation analysis, implementation plans, and a final investment-grade analysis. AEE’s Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) certification demonstrates and verifies your abilities in this field. Make your first step towards certification by joining a CEA training program today.

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Measurement & Verification Professionals

An M&V Professional is an individual who measures and verifies energy usage and energy requirements of building systems, industrial processes, parts of a building, or throughout an entire building or facility. They develop metrics so that energy usage is measured, savings are verified, and investment in energy, water, demand management, retrofit, and renewable energy projects can be evaluated and prioritized. They can often help a company realize substantial savings.

The CMVP training program teaches, in three days, the M&V principles and practices of greatest relevance and practical value, including how to best apply the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standard.

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New On-Demand Training

AEEs latest training program format allows you to view pre-recorded videos and reference the associated workbooks based on your schedule. An AEE Instructor delivers the latest information in clear and concise streaming videos you can watch easily, anytime, and anywhere. Each video has been recorded explicitly with the on-demand viewer in mind.

So Why take an On-Demand Program?

- Learn from the experts in energy management and energy efficiency

- Boost your knowledge and expand your skillset

- Earn credits for re-certification or continuing education

- Prepare for AEE certification exams

- Learn and work based on your schedule and at your pace

- Access the training program materials online for six months

On-Demand Training Programs

Upcoming Certified Energy Manager Training Programs

Certified Energy Manager On-Demand Training Program
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What Attendees Are Saying...

You immediately sense the instructors know their stuff and they back-up technical concepts with direct industry experience.


The time discussing applications, and understanding the perspective of the other attendees was invaluable.


Daily reviews, time spent on example problems, and the course materials gave me the confidence I needed for passing the exam.

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