image   Certified Demand Side Management Professional™ Training Program

A Certified Demand-Side Manager (CDSM™) is an individual who plans, manages, administers, executes, or supports demand-side management (DSM), load management (LM) or demand response (DR) programs. The CDSM™ proposes DSM, LM or DR strategies, technologies or projects to utilities or local, state, and federal government clients as well as end use customers. The CDSM is involved in the process of monitoring, evaluating, and deciding which energy procurement, energy utilization, and energy cost reduction projects get approved or modified. This includes the use of a range of energy principles to demonstrate the impact on utility and customer costs, resiliency, capacity, reliability, and project financials. The CDSM™ understands how DSM, LM and DR program frameworks are viewed by customers, utilities, and communities. The CDSM™ also understands the implications of energy programs and how they align with organizational goals & expectations.

About This Program

This training program provides overview of the significant components of demand side management (DSM) and demand response (DR) programs. As DSM and DR programs are being implemented by utilities, states, and government entities, having a comprehensive and broad understanding of all of the critical facets of such programs is vital for energy professionals involved in directing, managing, administering, and supporting them. By understanding these aspects of DSM and DR programs, professionals can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when designing, implementing and managing new programs.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how DSM, DR and LM programs are viewed by different constituents
  • Learn what industry professionals need to know to effectively deal with situations when developing, implementing, and facilitating DSM, DR and LM programs
  • Learn how DSM, DR and LM programs are valued with significant time focusing on the performance and understanding of how to perform cost-effectiveness
  • Learn how to make better decisions regarding DSM programs throughout the life of the specific program, including discussions of how the design of a program can avoid potential pitfalls in the DSM programs operation
  • Learn how DSM programs go through cost recovery, including understanding how rate structures can impact these programs
  • Learn how to more effectively communicate, in non-technical terms, the benefits of DSM programs or the specific energy efficiency measures or projects within the program
  • Learn the course topics in an interactive lecture format and various practical sessions (walkthroughs as the entire class, done in small groups, or do it by yourself) facilitated by the instructor

Who Should Attend

This course provides the best value to energy and sustainability professionals engaged in the development, implementation, management, or administration of DSM, DR, and LM programs. The program is also very beneficial to those that oversee these functions or to those seeking career growth in the future into this area.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the CDSM™ Program
  • History of DSM
  • Planning and Evaluating DSM Program
  • Designing DSM Programs
  • Implementing DSM Programs
  • Managing DSM Programs
  • Verification and Analysis of DSM Programs
  • Future DSM Programs
  • Case Study