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Transport Energy Auditing Certificate - Virtual Training Program


*Please note, for all certification preparation training programs, an additional fee is due when submitting your certification application to take the exam (excludes CMVP).

About this Program

Participants who attend the entire program and pass the assessments in the course will be awarded the Transport Energy Auditing Certificate.

This 4-session course is aimed at experienced and qualified energy auditors seeking to include transport in their energy audits and management services. Novice energy auditors would require at least one extra day of training; CEM and CEA qualified auditors are the target audience. Attendance at all 4 sessions are required for certificate program.

Virtual Program Hours

What You Need To Attend Virtually

  • Webcam (Required)
  • Microphone & Speakers/Headphones OR Headset.
  • Online Broadband (non-secured) bandwidth of 3 Mbps. A wired connection is highly recommended.



  • Understand transport energy, its measurement, management, losses and opportunities
  • Deliver an actionable audit report and ongoing supports to auditee company

Knowledge Base: What You Will Learn

  • Transport in context, policy drivers, legal requirements and energy related targets
  • Business case development and communication
  • Road Transport Energy Data; how to find it, analyze it and understand its certainties
  • Transport as a system, avoid, shift and improve model
  • Opportunities identification, audit and walk-around planning, pitfalls and avoidance
  • Alternative energy and fuels, vehicles and approaches
  • Actionable reports writing, developing EnPIs, LCCA for transport
  • Other modes – a brief overview of air, rail and maritime by request (vote taken at outset)

Skills: What You Will Be Able to Do

  • Questioning skills – very often the operator will be highly skeptical, auditor must lead
  • Numeracy – compiling and accessing large volumes of fueling transactions to:
    • Show vehicle by vehicle performance
    • Show fleet energy performance and savings from actions
  • Communication – oral and written – ‘energy’ is managed by every transport operator as they carry their fuel with them; understanding how to communicate is key to a successful audit. Auditor must be able to talk to drivers (key operators) and the boardroom (drivers/masters/pilots are highly mobile local language will not always be first language)

Demonstration of Competency (open book)

  • Communication & Questioning Skills; written test and 30 second elevator pitch exercise
  • Numeracy – multiple choice questions
  • Technology, alternative fuels – multiple choice knowledge test with pictures and problems
  • System challenges – pose problems with multiple choice answer based on system examples in course content. Similar to 50001 if ‘we’ve done it all’, challenge the process itself

Learning Outcomes

  • Intros & Objectives
    • Your customer examples and challenges
  • Basic principles of road transport energy use
  • Testing data quality; getting comfortable with the uncertainties
  • What to look for; opportunities and general approach (ASI)
  • Where to look, e.g., on your car/ vehicle walk-around
  • Report writing for fleet manager (how to get invited back)
  • Follow through to ongoing projects and relationships

Topics Covered

1. Context
2. General Approach

  • Travel for business
  • Energy use in cars

3. Policy, laws and audit standards

  • Drivers for policy and laws
  • Audit standards from around the world

4. Measurement (energy & activity)
5. Identifying Opportunities
6. EnPIs
7. Site Visit
8. New vehicles & alternative fuels
9. Review & exam

Educational Credits

You earn 1.5 CEU | 15 PDH | 3.0 AEE Credits* for completing this program.

*Participants must attend for the duration to earn CEUs.

About Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are a series of sessions, along with an assessment in order to achieve the certificate of completion. They are a type of specialization. No renewals are associated with certificate programs. This program does not provide an AEE certification.


Your instructors for this training program:

  • Conor Molloy

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