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Lighting Auditing Online Training Program (non-certification course)


*Please note, for all certification preparation training programs, an additional fee is due when submitting your certification application to take the exam.

About this Program

Comprehensive lighting audits are more important than ever to help in the approval of lighting retrofits. They are the first critical step to understanding the real financial implications of undertaking any lighting retrofit or improvement project. As an example, on average, lighting previously accounted for about 35% of the electricity in office buildings; it now often accounts for less than 20%. So from a financial aspect, unless there is still low to mid-hanging fruit*, it is a significant challenge to get end-customers to undertake lighting retrofit projects, because of:

  • Diminishing returns - even when it is possible to reduce energy usage (wattage) by up to 60%, the electric bill reductions are now a fraction of previous retrofits.
  • Increased installation costs - In the current economic climate of high prevailing and federal government wages for installers and electricians.
  • Meeting standards - Various energy codes require controls even though they are often not cost-effective at saving energy with today’s LED products.
  • Reduced financial incentives - Rebates are now often being-reduced or eliminated entirely.

*Low hanging fruit includes T12s with magnetic ballasts, incandescent, and halogen. Mid hanging fruit includes basic grade T8 with generic electronic ballasts, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium.

    Learning Objectives & Take-Aways:

    • Learn how to provide necessary information, including labor ease and difficulty, for contractors.
    • Grasp what is needed so somebody can optimally specify new lighting and controls.
    • Master existing watts per square foot for lighting power density.
    • Understand pros and cons of data entry and tools for energy audits.

    Program Agenda

    Day 1

    • Introduction
    • Diminishing returns
    • Lamps and ballasts
    • Twisted out or removed lamps
    • Fixtures
    • Tandem wiring
    • Multi-leveling switching
    • Air handling troffers
    • Ceilings
    • Earthquake cables
    • Emergency lighting systems
    • Horizontal and vertical light levels
    • Maximum or actual wattage
    • Annual hours of operation
    • Blended KWH rate
    • Watts per square foot and lighting power density

    Day 2

    • Light level and quality
    • If and where controls should be installed
    • Good potential applications for Human Centric Lighting
    • What time of day to do audits
    • Room by room maps
    • Tools
    • Paper or electronic on-site entry
    • Excel or 3rd party software systems
    • Appendix: Various reasons end-customers want to do lighting retrofits
    • Appendix: Energy certifications
    • Appendix: How to get better jobs after auditing
    • Final Q&A

              Educational Credits

              You earn 0.4 CEU | 4 PDH | 0.8 AEE Credits for completing this program


              The program is of greatest value to individuals responsible for lighting professionals, and individuals involved in energy management and energy-related cost reduction. This program is an ideal starting point for somebody wanting to enter the field of lighting or energy-efficiency.

              Online Training Experience

              Attending this program is an ideal opportunity to participate in a focused, fast-paced instructional program, designed to expand your knowledge of lighting auditing. The program is presented in short 2-hour sessions over the course of two days to allow professionals to attend while still maintaining their current work schedule.

              Attendees can participate in this online program from anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection or access via smartphone/tablet. 

              Training Program Hours

              • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm US Eastern

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