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Joe Ghislain

Joe is a principal in GOE (Ghislain Operational Efficiency), a consulting firm that specializes in Green and Lean (Energy Management and Lean Manufacturing). He is a 6-Sigma Black Belt whose career at Ford Motor Company gave him over 31 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry and over 36 years of experience with Energy Management, Powerhouse Operations, Compressed Air Systems, and Operational Efficiency Improvements. Joe is passionate about energy efficiency, which is demonstrated by his tenure in the industry.

He serves or has served on several energy committees including US Council for Energy Efficient Manufacturing (formerly, DOE/EPA Superior Energy Performance), ISO 50001 US Technical Advisory Group (TAG), ANSI-GTEEMC Consensus Board, IEnMP Advisory Board and Board of Directors, CPEnMS Scheme Committee and ASME Industrial Energy Systems Assessment Committee.

Joe is an AEE Certified Energy Manager and has been part of the Compressed Air Challenge since its inceptions.  He is a qualified instructor for both CAC Fundamentals and Advanced Compressed Air System Training and serves on the CAC Board of Directors.