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Certified Energy Manager On-Demand Training


*Please note, for all certification preparation training programs, an additional fee is due when submitting your certification application to take the exam.

About this Program

An on-demand training program. Stream 14 hours of pre-recorded presentations and associated workbooks and study at your pace.

The Certified Energy Manager Basics On-Demand Training Program is a short, concise version of the premium live classroom program. It provides a broad overview of energy management topics and gives the attendee practical ideas that can save energy and reduce energy costs. The instructor teaches participants energy relationships and the equations and calculations that govern them. As a CEM, it is easier to optimize a system when these fundamentals are understood. When used as a certification exam preparation tool, the on-demand program more effectively prepares participants for the CEM exam because they are more comfortable performing energy-related equations. The CEM Body of Knowledge can be referenced at:

Educational Credits

You earn 1.4 CEU | 14 PDH | 2.8 AEE Credits for completing this program.

Agenda & Program Length

Once registered for the program, attendees gain access to the program videos and associated online workbooks to study at their own pace. Attendees will have access to the program materials for six months from the initial date of registration. The total video run time is approximately 14 hours.

  1. Introduction Energy Management (1:19)
  2. Energy Audits and Instrumentation (1:02)
  3. Codes and Standards and High-performance Buildings (1:07)
  4. Energy Accounting and Economics (0:56)
  5. Energy Savings Performance Contracting and M&V (0:40)
  6. Electrical Power Systems, Motors, and Drives (1:18)
  7. Lighting Systems (0:56)
  8. HVAC Systems (1:16)
  9. Building Envelope (0:57)
  10. Building Automation and Controls (0:52)
  11. Thermal Energy Storage (0:40)
  12. Boiler and Steam Systems (1:02)
  13. CHP Systems and Renewable Energy (0:28)
  14. Industrial Systems (0:41)
  15. Maintenance and Commissioning (0:41)

Sample Videos

The following samples are provided to demonstrate the video quality and format of this on-demand training program.

Program Access, Format, and Completion

Access to Materials

Enrollment opens on a weekly basis. Individuals that register by 12 pm EST Friday, gain access to the program materials at 12 pm EST the following Monday.  You gain access to the course materials for six months.

On-Demand Format

During the six-month access period, you can stream the videos and reference the online workbooks at any time, from anywhere you have an internet connection. You are also able to email the program instructor directly to clarify any points presented in the program.

Program Completion

Once an attendee has completed all modules, they confirm completion by informing AEE in writing (email). AEE will then issue a digital certificate of completion and award the earned CEU/PDH/AEE Credits. Attendees will still have access to the program materials for six months from the initial date of registration.

Certification Program

This training program prepares attendees to take the Certified Energy Manager® (CEM®) exam. Please review the requirements for certification here. A separate certification and application fee applies.

Attendees can select one of two options to apply for the certification and sit the CEM® exam.

  1. The attendee can choose to take the exam after an on-site CEM training program. These programs are held worldwide throughout the year. Visit the AEE website for a list of exam dates and contact AEE to register for an exam.
  2. Alternatively, the attendee can choose to schedule and take the exam online through remote proctoring.


Who is the CEM On-Demand Program For? The short answer is anyone that is focused and committed to a self-study learning format. Professionals interested in, or actively performing energy management and energy efficiency-related work will gain the most. But it is also useful for entry-level candidates or individuals that interact with energy professionals during their daily work. At the end of the CEM Basics Program, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss energy supplies and energy management,
  • Understand energy-related terminology, relationships, and basic energy concepts.
  • Conduct energy surveys and present cost-effective improvement ideas.
  • Know how to expand their role in energy management and gain additional resources to be effective energy managers.

Instructor Value

Only instructors with greater than 20 years experience in the industry teach this program. They present the latest practices, strategies, and theories, while leading discussions in an open, interactive environment.  In each topic covered, the instructors focus on the most “useful” and “proven” activities that are the most significant value to attendees.

Your instructor for this program: Clint Christenson, CEM

Important Notes

Please Note:

  • Review the Transfer & Cancellation Policy. By Registering for this Training Program you agree to these terms.
  • Early registration is recommended as seats for AEE Training Programs are limited. Registration will close when an event reaches capacity.
  • Questions? Visit the FAQ Page for additional information about AEE Training Programs.
  • This program is designed for US attendees only. Contact your local training provider for programs available in your region.