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Albert Williams, CEM, CMVP, CEA, REP, CIEP, CAP, BEP

B.Eng (Industrial), CEM®, CEA®, CMVP®, CWEP® , REP®, UNIDO Compressed Air Expert, UNIDO Steam Systems

Trainer: CEM®, CEA®, UNIDO Compressed Air and Steam Systems, Basic Principles of Energy (BPE), Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB), Business Case for Energy Projects (BCEP), Managing Energy Projects (MEP), Introduction to Energy Management Training (IEMT)

Albert is an energy engineer and international energy trainer. He has conducted 90 energy training courses worldwide to 2000 professionals. He has 15 years of practical experience from over 200 energy audits. He has trained and consulted in 19 countries on 4 continents.

Albert is an international trainer and contributing developer to the CEM®, the CEA™, and the CIEP training courses for the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE®) based in the USA. He currently serves on the following:
– the AEE® International Certification Board,
– the CEM® Global Training Development Team,
– the CEA™ Exam Task Analysis Task Force, and
– the CIEP Certification Board.

He certified as a CEM® in 2008, and is also a CEA™, REP™, and CMVP®. He is certified as both a UNIDO Compressed Air Systems Optimisation (CASO)-, and a UNIDO Pump Systems Optimisation (PSO) international expert and trainer. He also has steam-, and fan systems expert level training.

Albert is regularly contracted by:
– the AEE®, for CEM® and CIEP material development, and for international CEA™ course facilitation
– Canada-based Econoler, as international trainer, course developer, and technical energy expert
– the United Nations (UNIDO), as an international CASO expert and trainer
– the Institute of Energy Professionals Africa (IEPA), as a trainer for CEM®, CEA™, CASO, PSO, and other energy courses, in the Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean islands region
– Danish Energy Management (DEM), as an international energy expert
– the NCPC-SA as an energy auditor and trainer

In 2018 Albert received both the AEE® Young Energy Professional of the year award for sub-Saharan Africa, and the SAEEC Energy Professional of the year award. He is a regular speaker at international conferences on CASO in industry.