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CEM Basics

Watch a series of short videos explaining some important concepts A series of concise videos to help explain basic concepts and terminology, used by energy managers.  This series is a must watch prior to attending the seminar and sitting for an exam, or as a refresher to help sharpen your CEM skills.

Video Playlist

New Course Workbook for 2019

The course workbook is an invaluable tool for any attendee during the program., You'll also use it as a reference for many years afterwards. In this video, Eric Woodroof, one of our CEM instructors gives you a quick overview of the all new workbook for 2019

Watch the Introduction

Course Agenda

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Selling Energy Projects

A critical skill for any Certified Energy Manager. These short videos provide a great introduction into what it takes to succeed.

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Body of Knowledge

The CEM Body of Knowledge was created directly from an intensive jobs task analysis. Individuals preparing for the exam can use this document as a study aid.

Download the Body of Knowledge

More CEM Resources and Study Guides