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Certified Demand Side Management Professional Online Training Program


*Please note, for all certification preparation training programs, an additional fee is due when submitting your certification application to take the exam.


This online training program provides overview of the significant components of demand side management (DSM) and demand response (DR) programs. As DSM and DR programs are being implemented by utilities, states, and government entities, having a comprehensive and broad understanding of all of the critical facets of such programs is vital for energy professionals involved in directing, managing, administering, and supporting them. By understanding these aspects of DSM and DR programs, professionals can avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when designing, implementing and managing new programs.

Who should attend?

This course provides the best value for energy engineering and sustainability professionals engaged in the development, implementation, management, or administration of demand side management and demand response programs or to those seeking career growth in the future into this area. 

Online Training Experience

Attending this program is an ideal opportunity to participate in a focused, fast-paced instructional program, designed to expand your knowledge of DSM and DR programs. The training program is presented in short 2.5-hour sessions over the course of five days to allow professionals to attend while still maintaining their current work schedule.

Attendees can participate in this online program from anywhere you have access to a high-speed internet connection or access via smartphone/tablet.

Your Instructor

Mark R Roche, CEM, BEP, CDSM, CEP, CEA

CDSM Certification Program

This training program prepares attendees to take the Certified Demand Side Management Professionals™ (CDSM™) exam. Please review the requirements for certification here. In order to take the exam you attendees must submit the CDSM Certification Application. A separate certification and application fee applies.

Remote proctored exam times are scheduled on an individual basis. Early registration & exam application is recommended to ensure there will not be a delay in scheduling the remote exam.


  • Learn what is expected of Certified Demand Side Management Professionals (CDSM's).
  • Understand the differences in DSM and DR programs and how they came about.
  • Understand how these programs are viewed by different constituents, the impacts of these programs, and how they align with organizational goals.
  • Present situations and issues which promote a better understanding of the unique opportunities posed by different DSM and DR programs and help enable better decision making concerning these programs.
  • Learn how DSM and DR programs are a valued component of an energy professional's responsibilities of managing energy procurement, energy utilization, and energy cost reduction projects

        Day 1

        Purpose of Course

        • Goals of the Program
        • CDSM eligibility & Exam overview

        Purpose and benefits of DSM and DR

        • Customer benefits and perspectives
        • Utility benefits and perspectives
        • Society benefits and perspectives

        History of DSM and DR

        • Key legislation points that lead us to where we are today
        • Drivers of DSM and DR programs

        DSM and DR Program Types

        • Energy & Demand
        • Load management/curtailment
        • Demand response
        • Load shapes

        Day 2

        Understanding the financials of DSM and DR Programs

        • Financial terms
        • Methods of evaluation
        • PV, NPV
        • Discount rates
        • Calculations

        Cost effectiveness tests

        • RIM, TRC, UCT, SCT, PCT
        • Pro's and Con's of each test
        • Perspectives of each test
        • Cautions of each test
        • Basic formulas for each test
        • Input's associated with each test

        Day 3

        Cost effectiveness (Data and Precautions)

        • Walk through of calculations of cost effectiveness tests
        • Precautions of data
        • Data input and needs for evaluation

        Designing DSM and DR Programs

        • Considerations prior to design
        • Deciding on what programs to develop and initiate
        • Overall design process
        • Information needed for design
        • Free rider evaluation methods
        • Standards development and pitfalls to avoid

        Day 4

        Implementing DSM and DR Programs

        • Implementation guidance and process
        • Process and framework development
        • Required supporting documents

        Managing DSM and DR Programs

        • Maturity roadmap
        • Effective engagement and oversight
        • Reasons why programs are successful, and some are not
        • Overcoming and preventing future program pitfalls
        • Handling issues that arise

        Day 5

        Verifying DSM and DR Programs

        • Effective program metrics and trending
        • Measurement and verification (M&V) purpose and types
        • Planning and when to perform M&V
        • M&V advice and cautions
        • Exam preparation and strategies for taking

        **2023 DATES COMING SOON!!!**


        Day 1 | 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm 
        Day 2 | 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
        Day 3 | 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
        Day 4 | 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
        Day 5 | 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 
        *Remote exams are scheduled on an individual basis. See Certification Program tab for additional instructions.

        Educational Credits

        1.2 CEU | 12 PDH | 2.4 AEE Credits

            Important Notes

            Please Note:

            • Review the Transfer & Cancellation Policy. By Registering for this Training Program you agree to these terms.
            • Early registration is recommended as seats for AEE Training Programs are limited. Registration will close when an event reaches capacity.
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            • This program is designed for US attendees only. Contact your local training provider for programs available in your region.